How To Buy The Right-Sized Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fan is one of the best ways to regulate room temperatures. Though they don’t completely change the room temperature, in summers they happen to circulate cool air while in winters they can warm up the room too. They are economical and trendy. There are ceiling fans that come with light on it, they are available in different colors, shapes and sizes, and there are designer ceiling fans also to math your room décor. With the variety of ceiling fans available in the market, they can also add glamour to the room.

Ceiling Fan

How To Buy The Right-Sized Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans comes in many shapes and sizes, but before you decide on to bring one home, here are some tips on how you should choose the right-sized ceiling fan for your room because the size helps in better air circulation and enhance the beauty of the room too.

  • The first step would be measuring the room to know what sizes fan would be best for your room. Measure it by using a measuring tape taking the length and breadth into account.
  • After you are done with the room, measure the space available for the ceiling fan. You will need to measure the ceiling as you will have to determine what kind of a fan will be hung. This will be in terms of the size of the fan blades which could be longer and shorter. You generally get fans with blades measuring between 29 and 52 inches in length.
  • Ideally a fan should be hung 8 to 9 inches above the ground level. This helps in circulating air better in the room. You can buy a standard system for your room that comes with the rod to help the fan hang from the ceiling. They are called downrods.
  • If you have a room with low ceilings, select flush mount system to have the ceiling fan in your room. This holds the fan well against the wall.
  • In case your room ceiling is higher than normal, you may ask the retailer to advice on extra downrods. You need n worry about the ceiling height. He downrods are available for any length of the ceiling.
  • There are fans that can work in moisture also. All you need t do is buy the one with a damp rating on it. It’s easily available in the market. Such fans have features that protect the fans from water damage and have longer lives.
  • For better safety, install a fan at a ceiling joist.
  • Try seeking expert advice on how to go about choosing the right-sized ceiling fan and a little market research.

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