How To Determine The Age Of Old Home Appliances?

Almost all the home appliances are bound to get old with time and you need to replace them with a new appliance one day or another. Soon after you have made up your mind to change your home appliance you will go for buying a new one. What if the appliance you are about to purchase is costly? In case you are looking to buy a used home appliance then how will you determine the age of the appliance?

In this article I am going to tell you how you can measure the age of the home appliances. Knowing the age is handy in case of two situations; one you can plan to buy a new product, second, you can determine how old an appliance is in case you are planning to buy a used one. Please leave me a comment and let me know how you measure the age of your home appliances.

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How To Determine The Age Of Old Home Appliances?

  • Most of the devices come with a serial number which can be located either at the side or at the back of the appliance. Usually, these serial numbers are stamped on a sticker on each and every device. Knowing the serial number is vital in determining the age of an appliance.
  • Most of these serial numbers are made up of their year and month of productions mentioned in it. You can either try to figure out the code yourself or simply can call the customer care and ask them to tell you the year and month by providing them the serial number of the appliance.
  • In case of most of these home appliances you need to focus on the ninth digit of the long serial number. The digit that indicates age will generally be the ninth digit located in the serial number.
  • Remember that not every letter in the alphabet is represented in this code.
  • Find the customer service phone number listed on the domestic device. Call the number. Give the agent the serial number and request about the age of the item. In the event no customer service number is listed on the item, use an online portal to search for a customer service contact number to the manufacturer.

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