How To Choose Doorbells?

Gone are the days when from every house only one sound was heard when the door bell rang. Today, your doorbell has become almost a status symbol.

Just like your house, the doorbell too is a reflection of you. It speaks of your likes and your interests. It talks about your love for your house and how important it is to you.

We are always concerned about the looks of the house but we often ignore our entrance. An entrance too is a vital part of the house. It’s the gateway to our hearts and a good door bell is a welcoming sound. It’s a type of sneak peak into one’s life and his world.

We are often content by the way we live and what matters to us is the inside story of the house. The interiors should be as perfect as can be. We are willing to shell out heavy amounts just to have the best of sofas, lampshades, carpets et al. In fact, even the doormats should be expensive for some people. But what we forget is how important the entry is.

Nevertheless, it’s never too late. Even now you can rush to find the right doorbell for your house. And remember, doorbells are not just to tell you that somebody is there at the door. Their job is much more than this. Most importantly, it can relax you, add charm to your house and make your home a unique place to be.

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How To Choose Doorbells?

  • Personality. Like mentioned above, doorbells are a reflection of your own self. So try getting the one that can “speak” for you.
  • There is a variety to choose from. Take a market research and see what suits your budget. With a little effort, you can get good doorbells at reasonable prices. Try getting the best deal.
  • If you are settling for musical doorbells, make sure they are not too loud. Their sound should be pleasant to the ears of both you and the one at the door.
  • Doorbells are not simple anymore. There are a range of colors and shapes that you can opt for.
  • Stylized doorbells are also an option. Try fetching one that compliments your home and its styling. There is lots of variety available and you can choose as per your home and the decor.
  • Antique doorbells will give a unique look to your house. There are some which are in the form of traditional bells. They are user friendly and are combined with modern innovations. They might prove to be fun for the user.
  • There are wireless doorbells too that can be used for big houses. Sometimes a normal doorbell cannot be heard in some parts of the house. However, these doorbells come with various options.
  • There are lighted doorbells too. They glow when pressed. This might be of some interest to your guest and they might find it intriguing.
  • See the warranty period of the doorbells. Often the doorbells work for a few months and then die. This is mainly for the electronic types.
  • See if the button to be pressed is not too hard. This might disinterest the user.
  • Don’t settle for cheap tones and songs. There are some expensive ones that have inbuilt tones that you can change with time.

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